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Self-help devices


The first rehabilitation I underwent in a hospital after the accident was an exercise for eating by myself.

For the first three months, I spend days in a bed, so my muscles weakened, and I couldn’t even carry a spoon to my mouth. But I remember as keep exercising myself in the same motion every day, I built up my muscles unconsciously, and I gradually liked eating that I hadn’t liked.

Self-help devices Spoon

Self-help devices Spoon

This is the spoon I used to use in that time. I used this spoon as putting my hand through a ring. You can use another tool called “Kafu” as twisting it around your hand. You put a spoon or a fork through the Kafu while eating. This types of tool is more general in use.


I use this stick (called “Reacher”) to pull clothes on a coat hanger or pull in something far from me. This tool has a hook on top of the stick. You can pull something on a floor or in a distance with this stick.

Self-help devices Reacher

Self-help devices Reacher

There are 4 types in length, 2cm, 1.2cm, 63cm and 30cm. I use the shortest Reacher to take my shoes and to pull something I dropped. For me, two of center Reachers are bit heavy to handle because I don’t have a strong grip.

Self-help devices Reacher

This 2 cm Reacher (I just picked this up in somewhere though…) It is useful to open a curtain or switch off a light. Thanks to Reacher, I’m able to take some stuff that is on a high place. Reacher is the essential tool for a person who has a cervical spine injury.

One more tool I would like to mention is Magic hand that is not on pictures. This tool is also useful.
I may need to think out good ways to handle the Magic hand to suit my weak grip, but it’s really helpful.

These are tools I use in a Toilet.

A tool for inserting Recicarbon(=Rectal suppository), a self-help device to spread my legs and a container to put Recicarbon.

These are tools I use in a Toilet

Tool for inserting Recicarbon

Since I cannot let out bodily waste by myself, I use a rectal suppository called Lecicarbon.
As inserting Recicarbon into rectum, it helps the body elimination by giving off gas in rectum.
Because I cannot hold it in my hand and put it into anus, I use this inserting tool.
With these sorts of tools, I can discharge waste by myself.
After putting Recicarbon on a white stick like part (in the center picture), I insert Recicarbon into anus through my legs.

I sometimes drop a couple of Recicarbons in a toilet bowl because I cannot see my anus. This is kind a hard process for me.

Self-help device to spread my legs

In my case, if I stretch my legs apart, my legs shut with violent convulsions. So I use a self-help device to spread my legs like a right side picture so that I can put a rectal suppository.
My occupational therapist made this device for me.
For some people who also have a spinal injury cannot use this device because their legs don’t hold the device due to lack strength in their legs.
But since I had a problem stretching legs, this tool is very helpful to hold my legs apart tightly to insert Recicarbon through legs.