Wheelchair Life

Japanese Language


A picture being worthy a thousand words!

These videos show transferring to a bed and a car.
In my case, I change a seat as turning myself parallel.

You can see it easier with a video rather than reading my explanation.

Transferring to a car

This video shows how to transfer to a car. I don’t use a transfer board, but those who cannot move their body easily use the transfer board.

Carrying a wheelchair

Some people use a lift to carry a wheelchair into a car, but I do carry it manually because the lift is ¬†somewhat expensive for me. It’s actually nice to build up my muscles.

Car Driving

All of a gas pedal, brakes, horn, a turn signal, hazard light and head lights are manually controlled.

A car for disabled people is designed like this!

Take out a wheelchair from a car

This video shows how I take out my wheelchair from a car. Even for a chore, I need to take this action to go out. If I need to stop by many places, it must be so exhausting, Indeed, I need stamina.

Move to a wheelchair

This video shows how to move from a car to a wheelchair. Same as a movement from a wheelchair to a car, I move to a car without a transport board. If I fail to do this, I would fall down on a step.

Go into convulsions

“Convulsion”You will see this word frequently in this site. There are many Web sites in which the convulsion is explained in writing, but you may not have so many opportunities to see the symptoms with an video. Convulsions occur unexpectedly.

Move from a wheelchair to a bed

Leg convulsions are more violent. Sometimes, I suffer leg convulsions when I stretch out my leg, and feel like my bed would be broken for my body shake; especially convulsions when I wake up is heavily violent. I sometimes fell down from my bed because of it.

From a bed to a wheelchair

If I don’t pay much attention, I would fall down to a floor. Like a movement from a wheelchair to a bed, I’m most likely to fall down at this moment.

How to wear shoes

You can wear your shoes easier if you put a string to the back of a shoe. Since I don’t have a enough grip in my right hand; I thrust and push a shoe from back side to wear.

Move to a toilet

This is the video showing how I move to a toilet. If I suddenly feel sickness, it would be OK. I can lean backward against my wheelchair and can rest in a toilet. I’m able to enjoy reading a book even here!