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What is the cervical cord injury?

What does happen if you get the cervical cord injury?

In a human body, there is the series of small bones which forms the backbone called vertebra, and the spinal cord (the central nerve) passes through its hole.

If you break only vertebra, you can repair a fracture and will not have serious disabilities. But in the most cases, you will remain seriously disabled because the broken born will damage the spinal cord and nerve at the same time, then you will start your life as a handicapped.

Once the spinal cord receives damages or gets cut, the order from brain won’t be carried to parts of the body which makes the body able to move and feel pain. The degree of disabilities will depend on which parts of the cord you get damaged, but spinal cord injury could drive you to be wheelchair-bound. In the worst case, you will be obliged to be a bedridden person.

In my case, I broke the 6th vertebra among 7 piece of vertebrae. The broken born was removed from vertebrae, and instead, I got a transplant from a pelvic. I got cut half my spinal cord, and it would never heal again.

I dream that one day medical science will make great progress and can heal my incurable spinal cord injury.