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What is self catheterization?

What does the self-urethral catheterization do?

The urethral catheterization is the method of inserting a tube (hereinafter “catheter”) through the urethra and drawing off your urine through a catheter.

The page which tells about self-urethral catheterization is the best accessed page in the piroweb site.
I wonder this is because you got some troubles on passing urine and want to have information to solve them.

Can you pass water using a catheter by yourself ?

It seems there are many people who cannot pass their water well and have difficulty to handle a catheter, or people who are wondering what sort of catheter to use. Therefore, in this page, I would like to show you how to do self-urination, some catheters I am using now, and ideas that I thought up for passing water for your reference.