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Transfer board

Even if you lose physical ability as a consequence of spine injury, you can go anywhere by a equipped car which has necessary tools such as a revolver and a manual operator.

The question I was wondering after I got injury was how wheelchair users ride into a car and drive.

However, I could understand as seeing a transfer board because it can get rid of a space between a wheelchair and a seat.

Transfer board

Transfer board

I have two kinds of transfer boards which are made of wood and tick plastic.

I can ride in a car without these transfer boards now, but I use them when I step into a high or low-built car.

My OT (occupational therapist) made them for me.
If you need the transfer board, you can ask your OT and tell them “I need a transfer board!”

Steering Device

This is a device for using the steering wheel.

Since I cannot grip the wheel, I secure my hands with the wheel so that I can turn the wheel.

Steering Device

Steering Device

Basically, hands are fixed to a revolver with a hook and loop fastener. But I ordered the one that does not have a hook and loop fastener in order that I can easily take it out.

However, it sometimes loosens my hands from the wheel. It will be better to use a hook and loop fastener.

If you tighten up your hands to the wheel too much, it can cause having a thumb sore from long driving.

It would be ideal to have space between your hands and the wheel.

Hand controlled car

Gas pedal, a brake, a horn, an indicator, hazard lights and lights will be controlled with the manual operator. You will push it forward for a brake and pull it toward you for an accelerator.

hand controlled car

hand controlled car

After I got injured, I gave up for hope of driving, but I felt extremely great when I could drive a car again in several years.

It would be hard to ride in a car and carry stuff into a car, but my life has changed completely different after I could drive a car by myself.

I am expecting the day when technology develops more and even a serious handicapped people can drive a car.