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Thank you very much for your access.
To begin with, I would like to talk about my life after I got injury.

If you are in a hurry, just glance over, but if you have enough time, please take time to read.

Until January 14th 1999, I have a perfectly healthy boy. But the following day, I lost it at once.

When I was skiing, I fell down and was injured my neck in the accident.
I still remember the moment clearly.
As having had a big shock, I blood from the nose, lost all sensation in my body. I felt like I was choked to death.
I was carefully examined for CT and MRI, and a doctor said I broke my neckā€¦

Looking back that day, it was like something happened yesterday, and I have strange feeling that I cannot explain. I also cannot stop crying somehow. Someone told that more you get old, more you easily given to tears. I think it would be true.

Now I understand that the reason why I was injured is not because I just fell down but because I didn’t express my gratitude to my health, kept complaining of my surroundings, then I suffered the punishment as a result.
A ball I receive in life is the one I threw to myself before. If I spit on sky, it will come back to me.

When I could not sleep for having pain in my legs, when I cannot move my body going to heavily numb, when I fell from a wheel chair, when I do urethral catheterization by myself, when I have incontinence, when I gaze at my moveless finger, when I cannot pick up a piece of paper that I dropped, I always think if I had a healthy and sound body, how much happy my life would be.
It would be too late, but I could not have realized the happiness I had until I lost my perfect body. I feel like my life before the accident was wasteful.

A moment carelessness is a lifelong curse. Please be careful of an injury.
There are many dangers in the world.
If you feel nervous, doubts or feel down, don’t push too hard.

Since I picked up the injury, I have tried to make efforts to gain more than I lost. I will stick to my beliefs so that I can keep my head high when I look back my life, and can lay down for my faith.

As impressed and encouraged by the words “Do not throw a shaft even if you lose an ax head”, I have taken up a challenge to obtain many qualifications.

Now I am working for a computer engineering, such as a WEB design, coding, developing WordPress and a blogging system on Internet.

This is a blog such a person maintains. Thank you very much for reading to the end.